Product Strategy

Product Strategy is a broad term to consider what is being offered, who it is being offered to, what it is competing against, and how to make it truly compelling to the user/buyer.

Sample projects include:

Product positioning: Developed the product plan for a consumer financial information service offered by a leading provider of financial news and data. Positioning recommendations covered pricing, content, capabilities, terms of access and software interface. Evaluated the product’s strengths & weaknesses intrinsically (content, interface, capabilities, platform, software, and pricing) and externally (assessed the impact of market changes and new competitive offerings). Analyzed customer usage patterns, market research results, and developed user profiles.

Content, features & functionality of online marketplace: When MacTemps changed its name to Aquent, they launched as the symbol of their new internet presence., matched independent professionals with hiring managers.  Responsible for writing and developing site content, determining user features, functionality, and writing technical specs. Led team of five to deliver on a very short (eight weeks) schedule. Also developed the initial banner ads that ran on and

User experience, features & functionality For HotDispatch, an online marketplace for technical expertise: consulted on the business plan, positioning, product features, marketing, and site navigation. Wrote the site’s first user guide, which involved debugging the whole user experience in an auction-driven, ratings-based website. Hot Dispatch’s clients included IBM, Sun, HP, 3Com

Product Positioning: at nascent stage CleanTech start-up developing a wastewater treatment solution for the beverage industry, worked closely with CSO & engineering to determine system requirements, costs, margin, & competitive capabilities. Explored competitive landscape. Assessed market positioning & opportunity. Coordinated two MBA teams to explore user needs, pain points, regulatory framework, sales & distribution channels, & pricing. Spearheaded review of all accumulated scientific data, working closely with CSO to go from raw data to presentation-quality data, to extracting strategic consequences & product requirements.