About us

GrowthWise’s founder was educated at Harvard College and received her M.B.A. at Wharton (University of Pennsylvania). She firmly believes that the greatest value tends to be based on simple common sense. Education informs our recommendations, decisions and choices, but common sense and values guide the actual decisions.

GrowthWise was started in Cambridge, MA, in 1995.

The services we provide are centered on product strategy & commercialization strategy. However, fifteen years of experience working with start-ups make us feel like writing: whatever needs to be done.

We expect to work with our client’s team of designers. programmers, database experts or research scientists & engineers. We jump in, help finish the project, launch the product or service, and get out.

As a matter of policy, we do not try to keep selling our clients add-on services. Success means that the new product or service has launched and that our clients do not need us anymore.