GrowthWise is a consulting firm that focuses on launching new products and services online and in CleanTech. We provide product strategy and commercialization strategy consulting.

We work with start-ups and established companies to define the product, the audience, the key content, features, functionality and terms of access that will hook users.

We conduct market research on the competition, market trends, threats, substitutes etc. to identify the features that will make the product/service truly compelling.

For start-ups that are still at the technology development phase, we provide commercialization strategy to identify the best go-to-market strategy for that solution and its specific market conditions.

We have worked with information service providers, online marketplaces, online recruiting services,  a digital rights solution, and a municipal Wi-Fi provider.

In CleanTech, we have worked with several start-ups funded by the DOE or by the NSF.

Our passion is launching new products and services. So, if you are at trying to figure out what will really hook your users, what will make your product compelling, or how to enter a new market, call on us!